Thank you all for making this semester so great! We were able to make an awesome, open, and inclusive wing community. Here are some easy ways that you can make sure you are being inclusive towards other people when you go back home for the summer!


Summer Jobs!

With only a few weeks left, finding a summer job is going to be tough! Check out this board for some new and innovative ideas when it comes to finding a job for over the summer!

If the world were 100 people…

Check out this new board that puts things into perspective a little bit! This tells us what would happen if the world were only made up of 100 people and what the breakdown of some common groups would be such as what languages would be spoken, how many people would have clean water, and some other interesting topics!

Academic Support

Over in the elevator bay, there’s a new board that has many helpful tips that you can use from the Academic Support Program! Don’t be afraid to use their resources to help yourself out through the rest of the semester!

How to Make Smoothies

Take a peak at this board that has a bunch of different kinds of smoothies and what ingredients you need to make them! There are many different recipes for different situations, so be sure to try some of them out!

Digital Footprint

Hey everyone!

Check out this brand new board explaining what a Digital Footprint is and how it can affect any future careers you may have!

Earth Day

Hey everyone!

Check out this new bulletin board that tells you what you can do in order to celebrate Earth Day which is coming up on April 22 this year! Find something small that you can do to help try to conserve Earth’s resources because even a small step can make a huge difference!

Blood Drive

The blood drive starts this week on Tuesday, February 14th and goes until Thursday, February 16th from 11am to 5:30pm every day! Take a look at the bulletin board on our wing if you are considering donating! If you are looking to volunteer, sign up is at the front desk!


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