Bulletin Board!


With Thanksgiving coming up, check this bulletin board out on how to avoid overeating and weight gain this holiday season.


Bulletin Board!


Please stop getting me sick. Read this board to learn how to keep yourself (and myself) healthy.

How to Make Smoothies

Take a peak at this board that has a bunch of different kinds of smoothies and what ingredients you need to make them! There are many different recipes for different situations, so be sure to try some of them out!

Blood Drive

The blood drive starts this week on Tuesday, February 14th and goes until Thursday, February 16th from 11am to 5:30pm every day! Take a look at the bulletin board on our wing if you are considering donating! If you are looking to volunteer, sign up is at the front desk!


Left Brained or Right Brained

Take a look at this bulletin board that will help you figure out if you are left brain or right brain dominant! People who are right brain dominant are usually more creative, emotional, intuitive and inclined to like to work in groups. Left brain dominant people are usually more logical, precise, and inclined to work alone. Figure out what you are and use that new knowledge to your advantage!

Take A Break

Just because Fall Break ended it does’t mean that you should take some breaks during your week to unwind! Check out this new Sudoku Board on our wing where you can take some time to relax and solve the puzzle! New puzzles will be put up when the current one is completed!

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