Bulletin Board!


Test your knowledge with the riddle of the week.


Bulletin Board!


Want to know more about me? Check out this board or come talk to me in 120B!

5 Ways to Make Spring>Fall

Here are some helpful tips on how to make sure your spring semester goes smoother that your fall semester! Even if your fall semester was already awesome, check out this board to help you pick up some pointers about how to stay on track!

Watch the Clock

Check out this board that will give you 10 basic principles of time management to help you start off the new semester strong! Information for the Academic and Career Advising Center is also on this board, so go check it out in 200 Ullsvik!

Kim Possible: Resources

Check out this Kim Possible inspired board that has a bunch of different campus resources that will be useful both now and throughout the semester! If you need information on a campus resource that is not on that board, come see me! There are a ton of other resources out there for everyone to use!


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