Bulletin Board!

Professor Hollingsworth from the Education Department offers “10 Tips for College Students” to help you finish this year on a high note, as well as make some wise plans for the future!

FI BB 2018


Door Decs

We all have unique backgrounds- to celebrate this, here are some globe door decs to show off that even though we may be from different places, we are all from the same global community.globe

Bulletin Board!

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With earth day approaching, learn about some of America’s most underappreciated ecological wonders with this National Park bulletin board. Have you visited any?


Here’s a sign to point our Bridgeway’s neatest upcoming events with the guidance of everyone’s favorite neature guide. 20180309_161851027_iOS

Hall Event

Play some pool with your neighbors in Bridgeway Commons in this awesome pool tournament! Information and brackets are at the front desk.


Bulletin Board

Sleep is an important, but undervalued asset to help you be a better you. Take a look at this cool sleep bulletin board to learn how to catch more z’s, and a few neat sleep facts as well!


Bulletin Board

March is Women’s History Month! Celebrate by reading some of these quotes by influential women from history as well as today!


Bulletin Board

Test out your riddling skills with this riddle-a-day board in the elevator bay! The board is riddled with questions of various difficulty, and some you may even recognize from your favorite books and TV shows!


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